Booking Fees

When booking an appointment with Catalyst Skin & Body you agree to the following policies.

A booking fee is applied at the time of booking your appointment. If you are rebooking in the salon after your appointment, a text message will be sent with a secure link to pay your booking fee.

Paying your booking fee secures your appointment time. Your appointment will be offered to another client if the fee is not paid. You will be contacted before it is cancelled, as we realise texts and emails can be overlooked or missed.

Gift Voucher bookings are required to pay the booking fee when making your appointment online. The value of your booking fee will be deducted from your treatment at checkout. Gift Voucher bookings are subject to the Cancellation Policy.


How should I Prepare for my Appointment?

Please turn your mobile to silent for your appointment.

No answering of calls or texts during the appointment. Take some time for you to relax and recharge.

For lashes, please turn up with clean makeup free eyes; this includes foundation on eyelids and under eye plus eyeliner top and bottom.

If you are arriving with makeup for a lash appointment, then please arrive 15 mins earlier to cleanse your lashes. Cleanser will be provided. If we have to do this in your appointment it means shorter lashing time.

Cancellations, Rescheduling, No Shows

We understand that your situation may change and require you to reschedule your booking.

Cancellation within the 24 hour notice period or failing to attend your appointment will see the booking fee paid forfeited and will become the cancellation fee.

Please Note: you will need to contact the salon by phone if less than 24 hours, as you can’t reschedule or cancel within this time period on the online booking system. A new deposit will be required for your new booking.

Running Late

We like to keep the salon moving smoothly through the day.

Being on time for your appointment is important for you, please allow extra time for parking, peak-hour traffic and use of the bathroom before your appointment. This allows us to treat as many of our clients as we can during the day, without compromising the time and level of service to other clients on that day in particular, lash extension appointments If you are running late please notify us where possible and either of the following will be advised.

  • If a client is slightly late, the treatment time will be shortened to finish at the original time and no discount applied.
  • If the client is too late that the outcome of the appointment time will be affected or cannot be finished at the scheduled time, the appointment will be cancelled and rebooked for a future date. As per our cancellation policy, your booking fee will be forfeited and will become the cancellation fee. A new deposit will be required to book and secure a new appointment.

Being Unwell

Our illness policies have been put in place to protect staff and yourself as the client. Sharing is not caring. The following are also subject to our cancellation policy.

  • Cold/Flu
    Please reschedule your appointment if you have any cold/flu-like symptoms. If you turn up and are unwell with any illness or symptoms, your appointment will be cancelled and rebooked and as per the Cancellation Policy, your booking fee will be voided and become your cancellation fee. A new booking fee will be needed when rebooking your new appointment.
  • Gastro/Stomach Bugs
    If you have had a gastro/stomach bug or someone in your household has, please reschedule your appointment a minimum of 48 hours after the last symptoms. A cancellation policy applies.
  •  Cold Sores/Angular Cheilitis
    If you have cold sores which are contagious please reschedule your appointment. We are not able to perform any treatment that involves touching the lip, mouth and nasal areas.
    If you have the condition Angular Cheilitis whilst not contagious and differing from cold sores, the integrity of the skin in the mouth area is compromised and it may be very painful while having active facial treatments or facial waxing. Please reschedule your appointment once the flare-up has healed.
    Turning up to your appointment with either of these conditions will see your appointment cancelled and rebooked subject to the cancellation policy.
  • Conjunctivitis
    Regardless of whether you have viral or bacterial, it is contagious. Please reschedule your appointment when all symptoms disappear and/or your course of antibiotics has been completed.
    Turning up to your appointment with these or other inflammatory eye issues, particularly with lash extensions your appointment will be cancelled and rescheduled and subject to the cancellation policy.

Botox / Filler

If you have had Botox within the last 2 weeks or Filler within the last 4-6 weeks please reschedule your appointment as we will not be responsible for any movement of injectables and will not perform treatments within this time.


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